Old (but not "Olde") style storm door?

pybyr Posted By pybyr, Dec 12, 2011 at 6:07 PM

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    For background, my house is an approximately 1840 VT 'vernacular' Greek Revival 1.75 story house- very elegant proportions, mostly very simple trim.

    Last spring I had a dumpster on site for something else and looked at the decrepit-beyond-redemption storm door on the house's "formal front door" (rarely used) and decided to heave it before it disintegrated completely into a pile of glass shards and dry rot, which it was bound to do very soon.

    Time and projects doing what they do so well... it's now December and I should get a storm door...

    Budget is a concern. Something that doesn't look like a bad afterthought/ clash with the house is a concern. Energy/ comfort is a concern. Minimal future maintenance is preferred but can take back seat to the prior factors.

    Appreciate suggestions on makes/ models/ places to buy


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