Olympic Games - Sailing in Weymouth, Dorset

woodchip Posted By woodchip, Jul 29, 2012 at 1:50 PM

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    Our quiet little corner of England has suddenly become the centre of the sailing world, and I must admit, hosting people from all across the world is incredibly exciting. I had never sat and watched a sailing race in my life, and thought it might be a bit dull, not like the events in London like mens 100m sprint, or cycling, basketball, and swimming. However, the Olympic torch relay passed through the next village to us a fortnight ago, and it was almost like magic dust was sprinkled everywhere. Suddenly a carnival atmosphere took grip, and I got caught up in the excitement. I just had to go to the games, but had not bought a ticket. Fortunately, being between Weymouth and Portland, with a great beach, and nearby cliffs with good vantage points, not having a seat in the official viewing area was not a major disadvantage.......

    I managed to get right up to the torch........... and the fires of enthusiasm were stoked.........


    This is the view from Portland, where the Chesil Beach shelters Portland Harbour from the stormy Lyme Bay. The Olympic village is on the centre right of the picture. I was fortunate enough to see and speak to some of the competitors, wish them well for the races, and welcome them to our little corner of the world, several of them were up here for the view.


    Whilst waiting for the racing to start, I took this picture of a remaining part of one of the Mulberry Harbours left behind when they were towed across the Channel during the Normandy Landings in 1944. For me, it's a monument to the bravery and ingenuity of our parents generation, making and towing a harbour across the Channel in sections to avoid having to capture a port, a hard lesson learned from Dieppe a couple of years earlier..


    Walking along the hill a little way gives a great view across Weymouth Bay and the eastern part of Portland Harbour, which is where the sailing events are taking place. This picture was taken as the first two races started, with two rows of sailing boats, the white horse in the background is King George the Third, who was one of the early visitors to Weymouth, who started off it's career as a seaside resort after being a seaport since about 1200.


    Sailing underway, the boats pass close under the hill we were sitting on.


    And they pass the first marker and change direction, with the wind behind.


    Probably one of the best days here in ages. I was so excited I even forgot to look out for any driftwood for the firepit.

    Something tells me I'll be back tomorrow, purely to get some driftwood............;)
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    Nice view, thanks for sharing.[​IMG]
  3. jwoair23

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    I really enjoyed your pictures, they are incredibly beautiful. For some reason I never think of England having beaches like that, are there a lot of beaches, and does it get warm enough there that people go to them like they do here? Sorry for the naivety of those questions!

    Also, its got to be very exciting hosting the Olympics. It will seem so empty when everyone leaves I bet!
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    Great pics, thanks. :)
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    Wow, you've got sun! That alone is cause to celebrate. The views and shots of the sailing are fantastic. Thanks for posting them.
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    Sure is beautiful!

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