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    I think I am getting close to getting a handle on a wood fire in a stove. But one thing that I have noticed regarding the damper for operating the catalytic converter is that sometimes it (the damper) will close completely and sometimes when I close it it I see the handle go back a bit and I can see that the damper is not completely shut . I can't measure it since it will close completely when cold, but I would estimate maybe half an inch with a fire going. Sometimes you can tell that more air is going out, sometimes that symptom is not as apparent. The manual does refer to making sure that the damper is securely closed, that is either open or closed, nothing in between, etc. Also, sometimes it will close all the way then a few minutes later it will crack open again, usually not very much but occasionally all the way. Then again, sometimes it will stay fully shut the whole time. I first thought that maybe it (the damper) wasn't adjusted properly but since it will sometimes close all the way I assumed that isn't the problem or maybe it isn't a problem at all and that is just normal variation that is affected by temperature, type of wood burned, strength of draft, etc. Is this a problem or is it normal?


    On some Vermont Castings stoves, the damper handle has to be closed really hard to engage the damper. I think you may be closing it most of the way but not locking it into it's final position. Try putting a little more pressure on it and see if it locks into place....it should.
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