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    I have two Surdiac coal stoves. Model #'s 713 and 513. I was told that the stoves can burn both coal and wood.

    Last year was my first year running the stoves. I had problem lighting them and keeping them running. One problem is that i have gaps between the glass in the door. Another problem is that the thermostats on the back of the stoves don't seem to work. Should the stoves be air tight? How do i fix the thermostats?


    These are coal-only stoves despite what you may have been told. They should burn pea sized hard coal which is loaded into the hopper from the top.

    The thermostat may work fine once you get it going with coal. If you set it on three or so when the stove is cold, it should be full open...however it should close partially when the stove heats up well.

    Parts and information on this model are available at Woodman Assoc at the page https://www.hearth.com/partsplace.html

    The glass is designed to expand and contract can can even let in some air...however, if it is badly warped you should replace it.

    Please see the articles on coal stoves at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html

    Link: Parts Resources
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