Outside air helped in my case. Still have feeding issues...

mortimer Posted By mortimer, Dec 12, 2007 at 1:43 AM

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  1. mortimer

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Finally got around to to ducting for outside air on the $50 pellet stove (search for the thread that I started) that I refurbished. Much better flame. A bit more heat. Circulation fan turns on a *lot* more often.

    Still need to resolve, fix actually, the inconsistent feed issue. Auger/feed chute very dirty. Not getting pellets on every 'whir'. Instead I get several every 3 or 4 whirs. Suspect that this is causing me to get a less clean (more reside, etc) burn.

    Anybody know of an *easy* way to clean the chute? I'm thinking the Dremel snake attachment with the sander/grinding bit. Use a dental or auto mirror to, kinda, see what I'm doing.
  2. littlesmokey

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    What is the cycle time of the auger? Can you test on high and low settings? Most auger motors turn at 1rpm, so it is realistic that at a low setting their may not be pellets each cycle. Mine may go three to five cycles without pellets when the auger is turned blocking the chute. On low, mine is on 4 seconds off 8-10 seconds. Not a lot of movement per cycle.

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