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    I'm interested in heating with a outside wood boiler but IM not clear on a few things is there a special antifreeze used in these units in case for some reason the fire goose out or would they use auto antifreeze? if they require a special antifreeze would you know what it cost?


    Most of the units I know about do not use antifreeze. But it depends on the area of the US that you live in. Due to the high water volume, these units would not easily freeze in a temperature climate. In colder climes, you could use certain NON-TOXIC antifreeze (NOT CAR ANTIFREEZE) to lower the freezing temperature of the water. These fluids are available at many plumbing and heating supply houses. The cost varies, but I would guess it can run $5.00 or more per gallon. This could really add to the cost of such a system. For more information on the use of outside wood boilers in colder climates, contact Central Boiler at http://www.centralboiler.com.

    Link: Central Boiler Company
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