P35i draft settings

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Aug 17, 2013
western massachusetts
I recently picked up a 2014 P35i for a great price, replaced the docking gasket and gave it a heck of a cleaning, it was a very neglected stove. The exhaust was squeaking some and the auger has a pretty good hum, a bit of oil quited them down for now although I know they're on borrowed time. The stove does run Awsome though. My question is when I went to to set my draft, I have a really good magnehelic, and in reading the inches of water in test mode it was reading .60 and the adjustment screw was set to max, also between high and low cycles there is absolutely no change, stayed at. 60. I can adjust the draft, I ended up putting it at. . 40 for now, still no change between high and low fan. Would this just be a weak, worn out combustion blower or could this be a problem with the board?

This might help you if the link works.