P35I won't start at all, no noise and no blinking lights

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I had no power today so I started up my generator and started my pellet stove and everything was great. Power come back on so I turned my stove off and after everything cool down I pugged it back in and nothing. I just cleaned everything last weekend and I mean everything and nothing worked so to the internet I went. I looked everywhere and what every blinking light means but my stove was not blinking so no answers. When I looked a the stove a while later it was blinking 5 times so now I knew where to look. This is where I like to thank
one of the forums member who said to put an inline fuse on everything. I pulled the stove out and checked the fuse and it was blown, replaced the fuse I have a working stove.
Thanks again for the forum member who said put inline fuses to protect the board.
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