P68 Blower

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Mt Bob

Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Yes,no, maybe. There are many factors. 1- the air coming out will probably be colder, just like increasing the airflow in a HVAC air duct system. Stove manufacturers do lots of testing, and your design has been around a long time, and is a quality unit. If you move too much air, it cools not only the stove, but the firebox inside. Then you can get deposits forming very quickly. That would be bad. All this is thoroughly researched by the makers. My first thought, is if you are not happy with a P68, perhaps you need to rethink your heating arrangement, they are heat monsters,BUT they are still space heaters.
Now a few thoughts- perhaps your blower is not running up to speed, a motor or control board problem.
Also, the most important-- when was the last time you removed the blower and really cleaned it?
Studies show that just a light coating of dust on the "blades" can reduce the air flow by 25%!!!! Throw in some cat or dog hair, it can really go down!
And it never hurts to clean out the room air passages in the stove.
Dry bearings/bushings can make a motor run slower than normal, and they can run quite a while before they die from overheating. Most can be lubricated, after cleaning.
So there are some thoughts for you.
Footnote- many have had good success just by placing a cheap box/floor fan beside or behind the stove, with little to no ill affects. I personally have a small(15") wall mounted oscillating fan, mounted about 6' from stove, near ceiling(7'), that I mostly use in summer, but, when it is -20 with 30mph winds, it really helps keep the downstairs more comfortable, running at its slowest speed.