PC 45 3 blink status light


Aug 7, 2016
I’m getting the 3 blink, ESP Fault. Stove will power on and feed pellets but never ignite. Thinking maybe the igniter is shot I thought I’ll just fire it up manually. Unplug, and then plug back in, fill the hopper with pellets, put some fire starting gel on it, turn the stove on everything seems to be taking off like it should. Combustion blower, distribution blower, all working. And shortly I can see the igniter is starting to work.
Now I’m thinking, great, it’s all working as it should. I hear a click and the igniter shuts down, and the combustion blower stops. Fire slowly fizzles out. I walk away thinking the blower motor will shut down shortly. Forget about it for the day and come back a good 8 hours later and it’s still feeding pellets and the stir rod is grinding them to powder. Overfilled the burn pot and I’m sure it is giving the auger motor a workout at this point.
So after all this, anybody have any suggestions? I hate to buy a $300 control board just to throw parts at it. I am fairly remote so I don’t know how steep a service call is going to be.
I just replaced the ESP with no luck. Has had a very thorough cleaning. All holes cleaning the burn pot. Exhaust cleaned out. Fines box cleaned.


Burning Hunk
Oct 4, 2013
Perkasie, PA
Sounds like a control board issue