PC 45 is in the house!


Burning Hunk
Sep 11, 2014
Ironton WI
So last year I posted about buying a PC 45 and then I cleaned it all up and now I am using it. Just read a bunch on the sticky about Harmons. . So here is where I am at and hoping for some more insight. Running unit on 4 on the temp dial, in room temp- low ( fan runs quite there) I am in manual and pellet feed is on the line between 2 and 3 so 2.5?
So been really windy here all day and cold 33degrees last night and near as I can tell used about 1.3ish bags of pellet per day last couple of days.
House is log and really can be hard to heat but at 2400 sq. ft. basement where stove is and upstairs both are now pleasant at 70 degrees. So just wondering how this sound to others. Thanks.