PC45 issues

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The mechanic

New Member
Jan 7, 2024
Recently acquired a PC45 that was not working. Original complaint was not feeding pellets. Once I got it home I realized the combustion fan was sooted up and wouldn't spin. I cleaned it and the rest of the stove. I fired the stove up to test and had a nice size flame on startup. After a while the flame died down. I had all the settings on max. I tested the esp and determined it was bad. I received a new esp today. It is a black wire one and it tested 618k ohms new. I installed the esp and ran the stove again. Same thing as before, nice fire when it starts then dies down. I noticed no matter what setting the stove feed rate was on or weather it was in stove temp or room temp it didn't make a difference and also noticed the auger would only run for about 2-3 seconds. I am assuming my control board is bad, unless there is something else I'm missing. Thanks