Pellet stove alarms not working anymore

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Nov 9, 2021
Hello guys,

I've had the same pellet stove for the last 4 years and it was all working fine until now. For example, when for some reason it can't ignite the first fire or pellets run out an alarm always activates and the stove shuts down.

For the past few weeks, I did not hear any alarm even when pellets run out or the ignition failed or even when for some reason the ashtray became full of dirt and the stove kept working which can create a lot of pressure and cause an explosion or fire.

All of a sudden the alarms stopped working and the stove is not shutting down when there is a problem, I've already tested myself, it all seems fine with the electronic board and the pellet stove itself. I really need help and try to fix this ASAP, it could be dangerous. Any suggestions?
First thing that would be helpful would be a make / model / year?

This should be interesting in as much as I've never heard of any biomass stove that has alarms.
Bells and whistles yes…alarms are new to me as well
I have never seen an alarm on a pellet stove
Something new?
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I have never heard an alarm on a pellet stove
Something new?

Fixed it for I'm curious as th what make it is. Waiting patiently for the OP to respond.

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