Pellet stove initial start issues

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New Member
Jan 27, 2024
New York
I have a Quadrafire Castille, mostly problem free. I have an issue where every so often, maybe 20% of the time, if I turn it on by way of flipping the thermostat to max temperature (my normal way of doing it), the stove doesn't run through the normal startup process. Instead it acts like it never got turned off, and just gradually drops pellets to 'burn', but stays cold. In order to fix, I have to unplug it and turn it back in, which always seems to fix the issue. Other 80% of the time it behaves as expected (normal startup phase, normal burn phase). I've had one person suggest a failing thermocouple, just looking to snag a second (or third) opinion if available.

Has anyone seen this with this or other models? Any easy fixes? Thank you!
What is the time interval between shut down and restart?