Pellet Stove installation suggestion?

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Dec 18, 2023
New York
Thinking about installing a pellet stove where the dehumidifier currently stands. The thing is, wall #2 seems like the only viable spot for the exhaust pipe, but it's right where we've got the big dining setup, so placing the stove directly in front of it doesn't really work out. Plus, with someone living upstairs, a roof exhaust isn't an option either.

Got any clever ideas on how to make this work? Is it doable to loop the exhaust pipe around the pillar to get it to the vent on wall #2?

Reimagine your dining setup. I guess you could mount on wall 1, then run venting around to wall 2but the pellet vent gets some warm. If I were going to do it, I'd either hide my vent behind the stove sitting between the two walls, or do my move from wall 1 to wall 2 up a few feet.

Could maybe face a free standing stove in front of wall 1, but facing so the exhaust points past the short partition / knee wall towards the wall2 room, then come up with a way to hide or prevent accidental encounters with the vent?

Picture doesn't show enough of either room to make sense from here.
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Is wall one an outside wall?
Wall number 2 is not a very good place for the chimney
with the AC and the window, clearances could get tight
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