Pellet stove not augering in enough pellets to keep fire going USSC 6039

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Jan 18, 2008
central nebraska
I have been in the forums for a long time. First as just a looker then I decided to sign up. Up til now I have mostly
posted in the wood stove section. Ive burned wood all my life. I decided this year to get a pellet stove. I bought a used USSC 6039. I have been having
problems keeping it going, and getting out good heat. Here is what I can tell you.

It has the newer controller. The stove might be 3-4 years old or less.

On settings under 5 it will eventually run out of pellets and give me an error 2. Heat at best on the heat exchanger has
been 120 deg. On setting 9 I can get 140 deg out, and it would at least keep up with pellets in the pot.
Last night I came home, the pellet pot was full, so I shut down to setting 5. I let it run out of pellets and checked the
auger to make sure it was seated.

On setting 9 I can get over 16 hrs on a hopper and still have some in it.

I also checked the factory settings on the controller and even reset it a couple days ago. I have 2 and 6 on feed rates
when i scroll through the factory settings. I can watch the auger at 9 and every second or so after it feeds pellets it
turns for a bit to feed more pellets in. The manual setting and automatic settings seem to change when you make

I have also played with the manual draft and checked to make sure the clean outs were clean.

Overall it seems the feed rate is not right. I have the draft set from .75 to 1.25". I am using Uncle Ethan pellets. Any Ideas?

Hopefully we can get you up and running.

Here is an online version of your manual (I think). Manual.pdf

On Page 16 it talks about unlocking the "saved" settings on the A and B buttons for adjustments.
You indicate that this is a used stove. Perhaps the previous owner "adjusted" the settings.

Most pellet stove problems are due to cleaning issues or low quality pellets.
To start with you should probably "Deep Clean" the unit.
Outlined on Page 15 in Manual
I use a Shop Vac with HEPA filter and 1/2" diameter wand to clean out those tight areas.
Compressed air works great to clean out the stove if you can move it outside.
Small brushes can also help loosen up those small passages

This involves opening up all and cleaning all passages that see combustion gasses/ash.
These areas are,
Combustion chamber
Heat Exchanger area
Auger Tube
Combustion Blower (Remove it and clean all impeller blades)
Combustion blower housing (Area the blower mounts to)
Area between the firebox and the combustion blower. (area where the damper sits)
Appliance adapter (vent path between your combustion blower and the vent pipe)
Vent Pipe (I use one of those 3" round dryer vent brushes, Got mine at a hardware store)
Vacuum (pressure) switch and hose

On the Convection (room air) side
Pull off and clean out the convection blower. (Dust/pet hair can really load up here)
Clean out the convection air path to the firebox

Ensure you combustion air supply (OAK Outside Air Kit if installed) is free of obstructions

Check all gaskets with the "Dollar Bill Test"
Stove glass door
Ash Pan gasket

Also Check that the door glass is sealed where it supposed to be.

Once the stove is clean get some good dry pellets. Not sure what is available in your area.
Ask at a stove shop and pick up a couple of "Super Premium" bags for testing.

Not sure what your venting situation is. If you can describe your venting it would help.

See if that makes a difference.
Post Back and we can get further into this.

Good Luck,
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