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    We are looking into Pellet Stoves and are wondering if you have any info on the best all-around stoves- are they top or bottom feed - is there any difference and if so explain the differences (maintenance- efficiency etc.). Is there any brand of stove on the market today that you can recommend as the best Pellet Stove? Thank you


    Bottom feed will put up with a poorer quality pellet- and some even burn corn. Harman Stoves makes some good ones. If you have access to good quality pellets- and this is not an issue- a top feed may provide a bit more efficiency. Travis Industries (Lopi- Avalon) at https://www.hearth.com/travis makes some very reliable ones.There is a difference in Pellet Stoves- and buying from an "old line" diversified manufacturer like the ones mentioned will go a long way.

    Link: Travis (Lopi/Avalon) Site
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