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    Please help! I have a Winston Pellet Stove which was manufactured in 1991 that I am experiencing some problems (thermostat and blower). The dealer who sold me the stove is no longer in business, and I've been searching the web unsuccessfully to see if Winston Stove Company even exists. Do you by chance know if this Chino, California company is still in business, and if so where (or better yet a phone #)?. If they are out of business, any suggestions as to how I should seek service? Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!


    The company is long out of business. That;s the bad news. However, if you can find a Pellet expert (try http://www.hearthed.com), then you may be able to get it fixed. Most pellet stove parts, with the exception of custom circuit boards, are generic and therefor can be found at your local Graingers or other supply house. Meanwhile, I'll post a note on our industry email list to see if anyone knows of a particular part source.

    Update: some sources of pellet stove parts are listed at:

    Link: Pellet Stove Parts Leads
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