Pellet stoves


Jan 12, 2017
I looked at Piazzetta and liked that you could connect ducts to other rooms and it was quieter than Harman.
But ended up buying the Harman for simplicity of the install. Prefer to deal with US companies.
Harman was cheaper too. I got the XXV model.


Burning Hunk
Piazzetta all the way for any kind of house it may not be American made but it's got 5 years in advance on everything that is made in North America you can install a Piazzetta in any kind of construction as long as it dose not go over 2500sf there are so many adjustments that ''once done'' you will simply love your stove and you know that you have a tech that you can cont on !

Harman if only if you have an old house that meet the old way of building an as not been

the father of my competitor, came to me he did purchase an Harman everything was fine till he started to change is window doors an insulated is house then the problem started even with an oak he would still get a lot of soot

in the pdf manual of an Harman it says black on white the air should be between 3.5 to 4.5 but but if you cant get it there well it's going to be fine !!!!????? f...k NO it will not be fine I wish I could send you this part of the manual e-mail me you have to let me know that you where on in your e-mail