PelPro pellet backup on all feed rates above 1

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Feb 21, 2023
Bend, Oregon
My PelPro stove wont run on any setting other then feed rate 1, about 5 minutes into the cycle on 2,3, or 4, the pellets back up and the stove starts smoking and goes out. I have been able to figure out how to get a strong flame on that setting, but we have some single digit weather coming up again. Last time this happened for a few weeks in a row, my stove/heat pump ran 24 hours a day and I had a $600 power bill. Are there any recommendations on what to adjust in order to be able to use a higher feed rate and make the house more comfortable without costing an arm and a leg?

As an addon, I also noticed that when I take the fire pot out to clean every other day, there are pellets behind it, do you think the fire pot is bent? the stove was already installed when I purchased the house and have never really been able to get it to run efficiently.
How long have you had the stove and is this a new occurrence?

My first instinct is that there is an air flow issue. This used to happen with mine prior to me figuring out the best way to clean it and the exhaust.

Now I am able to have it run 24/7 for multiple days on end. At times (maybe after 3-4 days) I notice the flame starts to get lazy. I then shut it down and dump the firepot.

I usually can get by with a deep cleaning every 2 weeks. This includes vacuuming out the stove, removing the rear baffles and using a leaf blower to suck out the the vent.
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Sounds like your stove is in need of cleaning from the air intake to the exhaust termination
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As said above. Which stove, which burn pot? If it is a drop in style, it must sit flush to seal.
Otherwise, as said, stove,flue and intake must be properly and thoroughly cleaned . Then if still have problems, could be the electronics, could be someone installed wrong auge rmotor. It might be old enough it needs some hammer/mallet/block of wood to the inside of the firebox, to help clean out hard buildup.
As others said, make sure the stove is fully clean. All pipes, passages, ash traps, etc.

Does the blower run faster on the higher settings? It should, or maybe the damper be open farther. (Generally speaking, I’ve not used this model stove.) It needs more air somehow.

If it still can’t get enough air, and you don’t have an outside air kit, you might need one. As a test, try cracking a window and see if the stove burns better. It was a night and day difference with mine.