Pelpro pp130 control board bad

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Feb 28, 2014
hello. I have a Pelpro pp130 that is about 4 years old. I regret not buying a harmon, but i have it now and can't afford to just replace it. tail end of last winter the convection blower fan went bad, and the burn pot was burned through on one side. i replaced both of those parts. i foolishly, forgot to unplug the power to the stove (I know it was stupid!) and as a result i fried the control board. The convection blower is stuck "on" all the time now even if the stove is "off". i found that it will still work though, but i didn't run it for long. i already put 300 dollars into a 4 year old, 1200 stove, not sure I want to keep putting money in. Any thoughts on if I just used it as it is currently working? just unplug it when its not in use to keep the fan from running all the time? Or any thoughts on where I can get a cheaper replacement control board? maybe one that is refurbished?


Minister of Fire
Sep 25, 2014
Northern Michigan
More than likely a shorted triad, easy fix if you.can find an electronic technician willing to work on it. Those parts are usually just a few dollars, labor is another matter.