PelPro PP130 Vibrating

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New Member
Nov 29, 2022
I have a one year old PelPro PP130 which rattles very loudly when it is hot. I feel a vibration in the convection blower which vibrates the sheet metal the blower is mounted on. The rattling stops when I place my hand on either the blower motor or the sheet metal plate. I contacted PelPro explaining this situation and included a video illustrating this vibration and what makes it stop. Their reply was to ask me about the venting, to open the door when in operation, clean the unit, how often I clean it, and finally to clean the firebox and use different pellets. I clean the unit regularly including both blowers. I have asked for an explanation as to how these are related and only get more suggestions that the unit is dirty. They have offered a warranty replacement on the convection blower but insist this is what they are "told by techs that have been working with these stoves for up to 10 years." What am I missing here?


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Dec 2, 2008
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Sounds like something is expanding when it gets hot.
I'd start tightening fasteners, especially those on or
around the parts that are vibrating. They can loosen with
expansion & contraction of metal parts.


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Dec 10, 2022
SW Pennsylvania
I would say the cleaning and changing of pellets is just a common thing they throw out when troubleshooting. Like when. You call your internet provider and they ask you to make sure it's plugged in LOL. I could see a vibration if the fans had a lot of buildup. Maybe check the two bolts that hold the blower motor on, I was kind of unimpressed with how loose mine is and that there is only two mounting points.