Pelpro PP60 new owner stupid idea?

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New Member
Dec 13, 2021
I just bought a PP60-B and haven't installed it yet. Still waiting for the pipes. But I fired it up a few times with an extension cord.

The blower fan is pretty loud, even at low setting. I mean if the stove is in the same room as my TV, I would probably have to crank up the volume a few clicks. The other fan ( the fan that sucks air in and pushes exhaust out) is very quiet.

Then I had this stupid idea and just want to ask here: is it possible to run it without the blower fan? What will happen if I just unplug it? Will that confuse the control board? Is it possible to replace the blower with another fan--there are plenty of room in the cabinet for another small fan. If all it does is to circulate some air around the fire box, I think I can live with a smaller but much quieter fan?

Doable? Or stupid idea?


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May 17, 2010
Eastern Long Island, NY
Bad idea. The convection fan (blower fan) dissipates the heat from the exchange tubes in the stove. If you remove that fan the stove will overheat and shutdown. The same for getting a smaller fan. Not to mention it defeats the purpose of a pellet stove, which is to push up hot air.

Maybe you can find another fan, rated the same CFM, that runs quieter - you have to find the specs from the manufacturer and it may be expensive. But you should wait till you have the stove installed to hear if it is an issue. I think once installed, you will get used to the fan noise and forget about it.
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