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    Jan 8, 2008
    Can a 165K Btu boiler output ( estimate 70% efficient) be pumped 100 feet (200 supply and return) on 1 inch pex?

    This is a UL rated appliance ASME certified low pressure vessel ported with 1-1/4 supply and return nipples. Also the out put is variable - 70 - 100 and full tilt burn rates so I suspect the loop pump needs not only to be sized for head but GMP variable to match those outputs. What pump should be used?

    Pump off should provide boiler protection - the Bang - Bang theory I read about here - but what would be better?

    - considering

    the fellow that asked my advice wants to use 1 inch because he doesn't want to pay for 1-1/4 1-1./4 mix valves may be prohibitively expensive but i don't know - never used one!

    Then in the house we need to tie into the legacy single LP boiler and zone valve system. We don't need large mass storage, but maybe we need a mix tank if we have to balance the hi flow from the pex into the low flow of the dwelling without creating air. The LP boiler will be retained for back up and vacation so the pex loop also need a pump rate for freeze protection. Should the LP be moved off and a primary loop designed in the dwelling to best sustain both these engines and load?

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