PH35 pellet stove has small orange flame and not putting out heat

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New Member
Feb 2, 2024
I’ve had this stove for about 9 years now . It’s been great until now . Was running fine until a month ago , the flame is small orange , black soot and won’t get to temperature. I have cleaned this thing inside and out . Took exhaust motor out cleaned in there . Everything. So far to figure this out I have replaced 2 ambient temp sensors, snap disc, exhaust probe , igniter . I put a new vac switch on but didn’t help. Even put a new control board in but that didn’t do anything so I returned it . The door is sealed . It flashes 2 times green at max , then turns solid green . At this point I just don’t know anymore. Could it be the control knob ? The auger or auger motor? I mean what’s left . Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
Yes I have removed everything. Cleaned everything. It’s spotless . No outside oak . It’s been great for 9 years now this