Piazetta WI FI module for sale online/How to install Ignitor/Question


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Mar 12, 2018
New Hampshire
here is the link, i translated it from Italian


here is the original link


So according to the website it works on all models of Piazetta, it hooks to the DB9 port and uses and app to configure to the wifi probably (very similar i bet to like how a samsung fridge might connect, you load an app, it makes a temp ad hoc network between your phone the fridge and the network, then establishes a connection and tells you its connected. Once the original setup is complete, you never should have to reconfigure it unless you change you router or something goes wonky on your network.

Here is the app

in the description it says
The Piazzetta history is made by research and innovation, skills, knowledge and selection of the best materials, from cutting-edge technology combined with craftsmanship. A history of care and respect for our customers and for the precious environment around us. concrete expression of a large company that, since 1960, is dedicated to the study of cutting-edge solutions for comfort and warming.
With our new app you can remotely control your stove or pellet boiler equipped with the wi-fi kit.

Thinking about maybe buying it, giving it a try? I downloaded the app, and it has options to change language in english and others! You click Add stove, then you have to put Article Code, Serial Number, MAC address ( im thinking its the physical address of the device you buy wi-fi online), Registration Code, Stove name. It says if you dont have a code, ask your supplier. Im thinking all you really need to do is put the mac address but im guessing. It MAKES you fill out everything though ( I verified you can type anything for the other codes, but if you know them go head.)

Thats all i got for right now, I hope this helps someone who might be interested in this, I dont like the idea of hacking the system and doing a custom db9 setup. This way i can stay in warranty, and have a dedicated app.

The other question i had is on the Sabrina Ignitor.

I noticed if you peek on the inside of the right side of your stove, using a phone flashlight, and peeking through the little curved slits on all the models you can see the inside of the unit without taking the cover off. I noticed I can see my ignitor and wondered HOW would i ever replace it if it went bad.. So this image on the above link shows the ignitor with a thread , looks like you just need a small wrench and twist it off, after unplugging it and making sure power is off lol. I never knew that, kinda cool.

Oh last last question, how to i turn my grate cleaning time to 90 seconds instead of 60. Do i need a boot loader or not? Thanks, if i need a boot loaded Ill contact my dealer (Somersworth Stove Shop NH)

Thanks again Folks!