Piazzetta Sveva - deep clean maintenance now vibrating on startup

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Oct 28, 2015
New Brunswick, Canada
Hi All,

I'm posting because after a deep clean of my Sveva, it makes a vibrating, rumbling sound on startup, and I am wondering if anyone knows the likely problem and maybe a likely solution.

Here's what I did: the 'smoke' alarm in the stove kept shutting the stove off. This was after I had recently cleaned the flue out. I ended up removing the T-connection at the back of the stove, finding chunks of soot in the horizontal 3" diameter pipe that goes into the smoke chamber, cleaning that out, cleaning, then re-assembling everything using hi-temp silicone (copying the original install). However, even though I solved the 'smoke' sensor problem, I seem to have created a new problem:

The stove vibrates significantly on start-up. Not every start-up, but some start-ups. The vibration sound goes away after a minute or so. I'm guessing that either I somehow knocked the fan (the one with blades inside the smoke chamber) out of balance, or that maybe I need to re-adjust the feet of the stove (although the stove seems to have the same stability now as it did before I moved it to clean it out).

Anyone have any experience with this problem and know a possible solution?

Thanks v. much for any help!

p.s. If anyone is interested, I believe I have figured out a much easier way of thoroughly cleaning out the horizontal, 3" diameter pipe that enters the smoke chamber - if there is any interest, I'll post my idea, and maybe later on a video of me trying it out.