pilot issue on quadra fire

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New Member
Oct 20, 2021
Saint Augustine, FL
I have a Quarda Fire Sapphire D that I'd uninstalled from natural gas at my house and moved up to another property to heat a yurt. The stove was working on natural gas, the pilot stayed lit, etc.

I have done the following:
- converted the valve and pilot to LP using the kit that came with the valve
- connected the stove to a 20 pound LP tank via a four foot supply line that goes through a shutoff valve. I think its a 5/8" line, sorry, I don't have the box here, but it was listed for dryers and furnaces
- the pilot lights fine when the pilot knob on the valve is depressed and has a nice blue flame that fully heats the thermocouple and thermopile. I checked the voltage on both the thermocouple and thermopile. Thermocouple comes up to about 16mV and thermopile comes up to 400+ mV
- as soon as I stop holding down the pilot knob the pilot goes out
- I have tried replacing the thermocouple and the valve, neither made any difference, same behavior with the pilot

I've gone through every troubleshooting step I can find online other than buying a tool to measure the gas pressure from the LP tank, but its a new tank in a normal temp, like 60 degrees, with new hoses that seem big enough from everything I can tell.

Does anyone have any other advice on ways to fix this pilot issue so it will stay lit? There must be something I'm missing!

Thank you for any advice