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skibumm100 Posted By skibumm100, Mar 3, 2013 at 12:13 PM

  1. skibumm100

    Feeling the Heat 2.

    Sep 26, 2007
    southern NH
    Got home from vacation last night and started up the stove. Got up this morning and the fire was out. Still burning the Vermont's and I'm noticing a lot of fines left in the hopper. I let the pellets run out after about six bags and vacuumed out the fines from the hopper. It's probably been another six bags until this happened. I have notices that these pellets don't really feed very well in my stove. They are a little bit long to feed really consistently. I need to check the auger set screw to make sure it's tight but the fire seems to die down then a bunch of pellets will feed all at once and the fire will flare up pretty good. I expected some of that as that's not uncommon. This morning the auger was packed full of pellets/fines. I has to get a piece of coat hanger and dig it out to free it up. I like the way these pellets burn and they don't produce a lot of ash but I may have to clean out the fines or sift them out if it continues to cause jam-ups. To be fair, we had to handle the pellets quite a bit. I had to load the pellets by hand into the truck, re-stack them in the basement, bring them up into the house and then I store them in a big box near the stove and scoop them into the hopper. Probably causing more fines than dumping the bag right into the hopper.

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