Q&A post combustion on a Tucson Gas Stove

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 16, 2007 at 4:12 AM

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    Nov 27, 2012

    Stove: Hearthstone LP Tucson purchased 10/97.

    Problems: Post combustion. Doesn't reach temperature set on thermostat (4 degree swing taken into consideration).

    What has been done: Replaced thermopile, replaced thermostat (put in programmable), cleaned all connections, and sealed with anti-corrosive grease, vent checked for any obstruction, position of log set seems to affect efficiency, pulled out much needed hair to no avail. Pilot light end does not impede completely upon the burner tube. Pilot light adjustment is open full. Is this indicative of a valve problem?

    Background: Worked last Winter with no problems. We cannot find an authorized Hearthstone service agent in the area (who has the time to help). We like the stove a lot when it worked.

    Please send us any information. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


    You can try www.hearthstonestoves.com

    My guess is that is either:
    1. Problem with the thermostat anticipator setting and/or the thermostat wire length.
    2. Not enough voltage out of the thermopile - but this usually means that the thermostat will not work at all.

    It does not sound like a valve problem. The switch circuit has nothing to do with the valve. If touching the wires together at the thermostat ends results in the fire starting..and separating them turns it off - then there is a good chance it's a thermostat (or wire) problem.
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