powerhouse pellets?

motorbykemike Posted By motorbykemike, Feb 4, 2013 at 9:22 AM

  1. jtakeman

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    Most of their fiber comes from hardwood logs. If they don't get the bark off before chipping the result is a dirty pellet. Hardwood logs are harder to get the bark off from what I have been told. I tried emailing Jeff Nichols, But no reply and the email came back as failer. I don't think he works for them anymore. :( I was going to ask what was up?

    I see more ash this year than last. The heat also dropped a we bit. So I didn't purchase anymore. I started looking for others and the PTL's(more heat and also a bit cleaner). Timber Heats(more heat and definitely cleaner) were what I went after. Good news is I didn't get the long pellets in what I tried. Dollar for dollar they didn't make the cut. Nothing like the initial testing I did which impressed me. A bit sad really!

    Hopefully they have eye's here so they can see the chatter. Most of the people I talked to that bought them, Probably will have second thoughts due to the ash content.
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    Thanks for the up date Jay. To bad if Jeff's not there anymore never met him ,but I know he watched this site and took care of any issues people had a Standup guy.
  3. CelciusMaximus

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    burning powerhouse myself. good heat and lots of ash .however, the ash is large/ fluffy and almost all stays in the ash pan.i'm burning in a harman accentra insert and very little ash accumulation behind the back panels near heat exchanger. ash just seems more in volume but,may be close to other pellets in weight?

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