Pre 1990 Lopi 520 secondary air tubes

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Jack Gator

New Member
Jan 24, 2024
NW Wisconsin
We have been using this Lopi (step stove style) 524 since it was new.1990. was researching the 'clinker' posts and lately we have been
getting a few of the flat ones under the ash. We burn around 400 degrees for overnight burns (temp sensor on the stack pipe about two
feet above the stove) Burns well when we get secondary burn flames from the secondary tubes.

BTW, I have replaced the firebrick several times and we clean the chimney fall and spring and have a mesh cap in the summers.

Question: Where is the best place acquire the tubes? quetion 2: Where is the air intake for the box and/or the secondary tubes? Can it be blocked
by debris? Question: What is the best lubricant to put on the sliding draft shaft in the front of the stove?

Wood from our property and lately the clinkers have been showing up. Elm and box elder dominate the smaller amounts of Oak, maple and Ash.

Question: Where is the best place acquire the tubes?
An experienced and cooperative Lopi dealer is a good place to start. It may take going by measurement rather than model number. Modern stainless tubes are rarely clogged if ever, but back then Lopi was using regular steel tubes so internal corrosion is a possibility.

I've heard of the big Lopi 520, but not a 524. Is this a freestanding stove or an insert? How many tubes does it have? The 520 had two. If it has two I'm wondering if these would work.
I looked again at the back sticker. It is indeed a 520. oops. yes two air tubes. The rivet is gone from the front one last go around. Only thing is to make certain the holes are clear from ash and the tubes are facing forward. Easy to rotate it with a close log insert.
OK, good. I updated the title. This may be what they called the 520-96. If so, it looks like that set of tubes should work but check the serial number of the stove first. These tubes are only for serial numbers 4099 & higher.
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You might want to work with a dealer. These folks have the tubes for earlier version. Lopi 520-96, serial #'s 1002 - 3892 Only.
My manual says part #92-5000, but that is the 1992 version for the 520-96. A call to these folks with the stove info including serial number is advised. At least that way you may get actual dimensions.