Q&A Problem with Natural Fire Pellet Stove Model MP240

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 4:08 AM

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    I have a Natural Fire Pellet Stove Model MP240. It has been cutting off the draft fan right in the middle of a beautiful roaring fire. The fuse at the back of the unit, near the draft fans pops a red button and stops the draft fan which puts out the fire and fills the stove and my house with smoke. The stove operates perfectly for about an hour or an hour and a half. All the fans turn on correctly and run nicely. The stove heats up, the fire is awesome. Then the dang thing shuts off the draft fan and the nightmare begins. I can only get the stove going again after about 30 minutes when the stove cools down and I can push that button back in and then the draft fan works again.


    Jim, this is a technical problem related to the particular stove or a component. My guess is the the draft fan has a thermal overload protector in it that turns it off when/if it gets too hot. Other possibility is a defective snapstat (those little discs that sense temperature) which is shutting the stove down thinking it's overheating. Of course the last possibility is that one part is truly overheating and the stove is shutting down as it should You say you cleaned the firepot, but there are a series of heat exchangers in most pellet stoves that are difficult to clean and often require a pro. Take a look at your manual to fins these compartments. If you continue to have problems you can contact the maker of your Pellet Unit, Earth Stove - at http://www.earthstove.com
    Update 11/2007 Lennox hearth products now owns earthstove. URL is still correct just don't think you've gone to the wrong place when the Lennox site pops up.
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