Profile 30 pellet stove

Jumpin Posted By Jumpin, Nov 17, 2010 at 8:43 PM

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  1. Jumpin

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Langhorne pa
    I have just purchased home with whitfield Profile 30 stove looks to be about 5yrs old. I have been having several problems and would like to ask some questions.
    When I first light the stove the flame compartment fills completely with smoke and sometimes it will puff and send smoke into the room when the flame starts.

    it also seems to overfill the pot and I end up with pellets in the side pockets.

    On low setting I get a pretty large flame almost all the way to the top of the stove.

    I have had it cleaned and have repleaced the gasket around the door. They charged me about $70 to replace it could they have used the wrong size I see the profile 30 has a specific size and it looks like to just buy it would be over $70 bucks. any help would be apprecieated.
  2. weezer4117

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    this thread would be better answered in the pellet mill and corn crib forum.
  3. imacman

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    First of all, welcome to the forum....lot's of helpful people & info to be found here.

    As for your "new" used stove, is this your 1st time using a pellet stove? Did you watch the person when they cleaned the stove? Did they take all the blowers out and clean them? Did they clean out any hidden ash traps? Do you have the owners manual?

    The reason I ask is that the symptoms you have are "classic" dirty stove syndrome"....lack of burn air to keep the pellets burning properly and not allow any pellet buildup in the burn pot. As for the smoke prior to flame, that is pretty much the norm for pellet stoves...they all smoke a lot just prior to flame.

    BTW, here is the very first listing in the owners manual under "Troubleshooting:

    1. Fire burns with a lazy orange fl ame. Pellets build up
    in the grate
    and there is excessive glass soot that is diffi -
    cult to remove (Ash and soot are a product of combustion
    with any wood products, so some build-up on the glass
    is normal).


    A) There is insufficient combustion air. A1) Lack of maintenance (clean UltraGrate™,
    clean-out ports, exhaust fl ow passages, venting
    system, exhaust blower intake, etc.
    • Remove any clinkers or ash from the bottom of the
    UltraGrate that might be obstructing the primary
    air holes.
    • Check that the heat exchange tubes are not coated
    with ash.
    • Clean internal exhaust ducts.
    • Check gasket seal around the door. Use a thin
    strip of paper, 1 in. wide. Open the door and close
    it on the paper strip. A slight friction should be
    felt when the paper strip is pulled. Repeat this
    process at various locations around the door
    gasket. Replace the door gasket if necessary.
    • Check for blockage in the air inlet tube or exhaust
    pipe. Clean as Necessary.
    • Inspect glass seal to ensure that it is in good
    condition and is properly seated to the door.
    A2) Fuel trim may need to be adjusted down for
    faster feeding fuels.
    A3) Change to a better grade of fuel if necessary.
    Check that the damper has been opened enough
    for the amount of fuel fed.
    A4) Have Your Authorized Lennox Hearth Products
    dealer check your exhaust blower for proper
    A5) The venting system design is too restrictive
    (call your authorized Lennox Hearth Products
    Technician to evaluate how the installation can be
    corrected to satisfy the exhaust fl ow requirements
    of the appliance).
  4. Wood Heat Stoves

    Wood Heat Stoves
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    Jun 12, 2009
    Nevada City, California
    as likely to be a worn combustion blower gasket as a door gasket in this case
    pm me for a copy of the svc book, include email and model..

    the pro 30 uses a special density rope, might get lucky with generic stuff though it takes a bit of skill to get it perfect using any gasketing

    pretest gasket in door frame before glueing is my advise-a gasket video is on our site if you need more tips

    also, your model has adjustments to door on hinge side and latch side....dont overtighten(can break glass)

  5. rph092772

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Southern VT
    I've had similar issues on my Profile 20. Best cures I have found are a thorough cleaning and after 4 years with the stove I am still finding new and interesting corners. Be sure to clean the Proof of Fire lens. this seems to have fixed alot of my overfilling issues. Get a pipe cleaning brush and get the chimney good and cleaned out too. Found a mess on the outgoing pipe right behind the exhaust blower. my ash build up in the corners has gone down drastically since i removed that blockage. The igniter might be going also if the pellets are still piling up and not lighting up.
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