Profile 30 won't stay lit

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Apr 12, 2021
HI everyone, I have been running through the forum for a few days now and gathering a lot of info but can't seem to pin down my issue. I have a Whitfield Profile 30 in my fathers home and recently moved back in with him to get the house fixed up. The igniter in this stove hasn't worked in about ten years and after a lot of hunting I found the the new wires the dealer sold him with the replacement didn't have a spring to hold tention on the fuse. I got a new one and the stove has been working great for the last few months. Recently my 91 year old grandmother has been staying with us and she likes the heat up around 75 (we keep it about 70 and turn the stove off during the day) it has been running without a rest for about a month.
Now to my issue. The stove lights well and will run for about an hour or so, with high flames and low flames here and there. After about and hour the flame dies out and it doesn't re-light then it the fault light comes on and it everything shuts off. I have jumped all the switches tested the pressure switch and cleaned everything including the photo-eye and I still have it run for about an hour then fault. The lens for the photo-eye did have some discoloration but would that allow it to light and burn for an hour before faulting? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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Sep 12, 2014
I put a snap switch in our Profile 30, photo eye was a pain. If you do a search on this site you can determine if it is right for you. I think I got my switch on Ebay, about $10.


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Have to ask the age old question.... When was the last time it was cleaned and I mean the venting cleaned as well?