Quad Castile burn pot a little cleaner...


Oct 4, 2008
Central MA
So far this season has been horrible for burning pellets. I'm burning Northern Warmth Douglas Fir Supreme pellets and have had to clean the burn pot just about every morning because it was getting hardened pelletized ash in the pot and would just continue to smolder after the stove was shut down. I had a local stove guy come out and take a look at my stove just to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. He verified that everything looked good and it was most likely due to the pellet quality. He did notice that my air wash was on top and he said he has always seen them on the bottom of the door. I verified with Quadrafire that my 2004 model should be on top as it has been. For the hell of it though, I pulled the glass out and flipped it around so the air wash was on bottom. Right away I noticed a lot more fly ash coming out of the pot. The glass gets dirtier a little quicker, but I don't have to empty the burn pot every morning. More like every 4-5 days now.

So my stove may be getting too much air now and the glass gets dirty sooner, but I take this over having to clean the pot every morning. Next season when I have a different brand of pellets, I'll flip the air wash back to where it should be.

Former Farmer

Feeling the Heat
Apr 12, 2008
NE Wisconsin
Have you checked for plugged holes in the bottom of your burn pot and the gap on the bottom plate? It sounds like you are not getting enough airflow through the burnpot.


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Sep 14, 2014
Glass is getting dirtier and more air flow thru pot as air wash isn't working with glass flipped. kap
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