Quad Trekker, Harman XXC-TC, or something else

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Shandaken Sam

New Member
Sep 3, 2021
Shandaken, NY
Hi all, I'm thinking about upgrading my Quad Castille that I got in 2008. It's been a very good stove. It's only needed the door gasket replaced a couple of times, a new igniter last year, and a thermocouple this year. However this year it seems to have become more finicky, so I'm thinking maybe it's time for an upgrade sooner rather than later.

I have my Castille connected to a Honeywell WiFi thermostat and I start it up a few hours before I arrive at this house. The key issue is the wifi thermostat. I think it's pretty safe to say that the Trekker will connect up with no problem. What about the Harman? I don't see anything on their website about a wall-mounted stat. Can it be connected? Harman has a great reputation but I've never even seen one in the flesh (iron). It would seem to be an upgrade over the Trekker. What do you think?

Or, is there something else out there that I'm not thinking of that would be a better fit for me. My Castille does seem to be a little undersized for my house. When I got it, the Mt Vernon had just come out but I wanted to stick with the stove that had been around for a while. Either the Trekker or the XXV would give me that extra oomph that I'd like.

So which way should I go? But if the Harman doesn't connect to a wall thermostat, that decision is made. Or is there something else out there that I should be looking at?

Thanks for your help!