Quadra fire 1100 Stove stop feeding ; Green and red light ON.

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Vincent Lacombe

New Member
Jan 18, 2024
Hi from Quebec,Canada !

First of all, i just want to thanks everybody who will be able to help me !

I have a old Quadra fire 1100 stove, and never had problem with it.
I cleat it every week and do all the basic maintenance.

Last week, the stove had some problem.

I start the thermostat, then it start feeding in the pot.
After a few minutes, the fire comes and suddently after around 10-15 mins the auge stop sending pellets in the pot.

I have opened de right side of the stove and when the stove is running, on the constrol box the green light is ON after few minutes.
After, the red light is also ON.

But after, no more pellets and the fire die.

If i press the button to send back pellets into the stove it works.

PS : I have read that the thermocouple can be the problem but it is confusing to me because green light and red light are on on the control box...

Can you please help me !!


The thermocouple I feel needs to be cleaned
The thermocouple does not sense the heat until the second fire
The thermocouple is not getting hot enough to tell the board that there is a fire
most likely covered in ash or ash packed around it
Welcome to the forum what part of Quebec are you from
Thanks for answer !
I'm from Sainte-Sophie, few km north of Montreal.

I have cleaned the thermocouple inside/outside, and no success.

Is it possible that the thermocouple is to change even if the green and red light goes ON on control box ?
Could be but I am not that experienced with your stove
Use the search function on the site to find threads on your
stoves thermocouple. It may well be not working.
Someone with more experience than me will be along and able to help you out