Quadra Fire 1200 Classic Bay issue after startup.

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Demoknot Rooster

New Member
Apr 6, 2023
Aroostook Maine
Hello all, I have a Quadra Fire 1200 Classic Bay issue after startup. It feed pellets and ignites fairly quick, but goes into shut down after the startup faze ends with a red light in control box. How do i know if its the thermocouple or the vacuum switch that's my issue? I cleaned the hose and shoved the thrmo back in the porcelain finger...Any ideas? Stove is possibly 16 years owned by previous home owner. Just replaced the Combustion fan and auger motors. Door gasket is also replaced 2 years ago.
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Welcome to the forum
I would suspect the Thermocouple
Dirty or at least not reading
that the fire is hot. If it sees no heat the
stove goes into shutdown!
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Have not figured out the lifespan of a stove. Mine is about to start its 24-year
with no problems.
Is your stove clean? I mean all areas from air intake (OAK maybe)
to the chimney termination. Is the vacuum hose plugged (remove hose
on both ends and blow through it) Is the vac. hose nipple on the stove
clean and open?
my CB1200 has started it 24 yr. if you purchased an aftermarket thermocouple it may need to have the wires reversed where the connect to the control box area. also make sure the TC is touching the end inside the ceramic tube.