Quadra-fire Castille Random issues - poor control box connection?

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Nov 20, 2020

I have had my Castille for 10+ years and didn't run it last year due to young children in the house. We are selling our house now and I am trying to test out the stove and it won't fire up. I am finding random issues and it all seems to be around the connectivity to the control box.

When I first put power back to the unit, nothing happened, so I opened up the side and was pressing on the control box and it blinked, so I took it out and reseated it and the unit started to turn on the blower motors and start feeding pellets. The ignitor didn't kick on at that point (replaced it a while back) and the stove didn't start. If one were to slightly bump the stove, the power could go out, pressing on the control box seems to get the power back

I messed with it some more and from what I can tell the ignitor gets @120 volts for 20 seconds then stops, randomly 1-2min later there is a flash or 2 of the orange light. I've read that the orange light is the thermocouple.

I took the control box out again and the connections look clean, I lightly cleaned them with some bronze wool and they shine a bit better now but after putting the box back into the unit it is a challenge to get the box to make the electrical connections and start up. if I do get it to start, the ignitor doesn't get voltage.

I am willing to throw some parts at this to get it to go again but don't want to waste $ if I don't have to.

Suggestions where to start? Is this a bad control board or is this the connector it plugs into loose and not making a good connection? Since the unit is older should I also just get a new thermocouple and put it in?

I appreciate your advice
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