Quadrafire Castile Fans won't stop no pellet drop

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New Member
Jan 16, 2024
I inherited a Castile. There was a fire in the main chamber that tripped a snap disc #3. The unit stopped. The exhaust fan was destroyed which most likely caused the original problem. I replaced it. There were spare parts left with the unit when I inherited it, and I replaced the snap discs, thermocouple, and hose on the vacuum switch which was cracked. Took the whole unit apart, scrubbed it all, cleared it, cleaned it all. No obstruction anywhere.

Plugged it in. Unit comes on, both fans come on immediately. Blue lights flash in sets of 4 which is good. Red feeder bulb is lit. Igniter is hot.

No pellets drop. Auger will not turn. No green light inside unit indicating temperature at 200 degrees. Press the button at back. It clicks but auger won't turn. Fans stay on no matter how long I wait.

I used my upstairs control board. Same exact symptoms. Yes, I have another functioning Castile.

I blew out the vacuum tube and ran wire into chamber where vacuum tube plugs in. Nothing.

I swapped auger motors. Nothing.

Has a wire harness ever gone bad? The fuse is good and the unit powers on, so I thought not.

I checked the ropes and gaskets. Tight seal. Yes, a little brown buildup on glass indicating a touch of imperfection, but it is good overall.

I removed the metal plates within the chamber and the top plate that hides the vent tubes and cleaned all of it. It's spotless.

I am lost. The dealer down the road won't touch it because it wasn't serviced by them for the last 10 years. Can anyone suggest something? There must be something I'm missing.

Why won't the two fans ever stop? Why won't the auger turn, and the green feed light go on? Before the fire, there was a bit of smoke in the room, but I attributed it to the exhaust fan going dead. I feel like the monkey man in 2001 A Space Odyssey...someone send me the obelisk so I can evolve into a thinking primate!!!
I will now answer my own question.

Some dirty monkey....me...placed the wrong snap disc wire on the wrong snap disc.

Grey wire always goes on snap disc #3(on the hopper). Purple wire always goes on snap disc #1 (top left when looking from back). Orange or orange/black wires always go on snap disc #2.

Now, as if by magic, the problem is solved!!!!!!
Glad that you figured it out. That one would have been tough to help diagnose.

And Welcome to the forum.