QuadraFire Castile Insert Auger Motor dying quick

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Oct 23, 2016
I have a QuadraFire Castile pellet stove insert. It was here when we bought the house in 2016. I believe they put it in in 2007. We run about 200 bags of pellets through it each year except for last year when we mostly heated with propane. Seems to be the auger motor doesn't last long. I replaced it one year I think 2017-2018 but ever since it seems the auger motor goes after 1-2 years. I last put a new one in February of 2020 and just two weeks ago it died again. The last few I bought were aftermarket motors. Maybe that is why I don't know. OEM is a lot more expensive and has a shorter warranty. Maybe I need to go OEM. The one I bought two weeks ago makes a buzzing/grinding noise after the stove has been running awhile. I think it is already dying. What do you guys think OEM or aftermarket or it doesn't matter they all die quick now a days? Are the places online reputable to buy from (Pellethead or stoveparts4less)?