quadrafire santa fe ash pan fire

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New Member
Sep 10, 2022
On my santa fe stove while its burning I can see the fire in the firepot through the gap between the ash pan and opening where the ash pan is inserted into the stove, I don't remember seeing this in the past,is this normal? I can see fire through the gap on top of the ash pan when closed, anyone else ever notice this and is it normal? Thank you for any replies.
On the bottom of your burn pot is the door that you pull the clean out rod to open it and allow the ash to fall into the ash pan. It sounds like this door needs to be tightened up some. You should have a dime's width for a gap between the bottom of the burn pot and the top of the clean out door. You adjust this by tightening or loosening the nut on the bolt that holds the clean out door in place.
Thank you for your reply, I inspected the firepot cleanout door and there is no gap between it and the firepot, just enough clearance for the door to operate, everything appears to be the way it should be.