Quadrafire Santa Fe Insert Help

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New Member
Dec 5, 2023
New York
Hello everyone,
looking for some help on a Santa Fe Insert, we purchased this unit new in 2007 and ran it regularly but have not ran it the last 2-3 years. I have pulled the insert out, cleaned every possible nook and cranny on this stove, replaced the exhaust fan and also the vacuum switch, removed the auger assembly and cleaned the entire feed tube and the nipple where the vacuum line hooks up.. But I am still getting some type of vacuum leak as the Auger will not start during start up cycle, it works fine if I bypass it or create an external vacuum on the hose itself. I thought it maybe the door gasket, but I swapped doors from the other santa fe insert we have that is running with no issues and it still with not get enough vacuum to activate the switch.
Did you clean the chimney?
I removed the insert for cleaning so it currently not hooked back up to the chimney it is sitting on saw horses.. I am trying to make sure everything is working before i reinstall the insert.
If it is a vac leak only possibilities are
If it has an Ash Pan seal
door seal or a major crack or hole in the firebox
The firepot bottom door open or even the firepot
Other than that I'm at a loss as to what else it could be
The ash pan does not have a seal, door gasket has been ruled out. I will check the fire pot gasket. Thank you for your help
Why did you replace the vacuum switch? Was it not working and you changed to a new one? What did you replace it with, OEM or aftermarket? Possible bad new switch or crack in hose going to switch? Do you have a manometer or a means to measure the vacuum? If IRCC the vacuum is only going to be around 0.10".
The vacuum switch was bad, this one will at least work if I pull a vacuum externally, meaning a medicine dropper. This is a aftermarket switch.
You may have pulled too much vac. and damaged the switch
it takes very little to activate and not much more to damage.
So the vac leakage would have to be a large leak