Qudrafire classic bay 1200 wont feed

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New Member
Feb 9, 2023
New mexico
After sitting for several years I plug in the stove, the call light comes on, blower comes on but feed motor does not work. I put in a handful of pellets and they ignite.
The call light will go on and off as I adjust thermostat so I know thats communicating.

I have replaced, agar motor, and vacuum switch. no change. Also changed out the snap discs. Cleaned the thermocouple. When I get it warm enough by hand feeding it the blower fan comes on to blow heat out so I assume thermocouple is working properly.

The blue light inside the control box flashes seven times when you first plug it in.

The blower/exhaust fan stays on constantly if the stove is plugged in, even when call light is off.

The stove has VERY little use.

in the years the stove sat not used the house seemed to have a lightning strike but the stove was unplugged. The phone line box was fried and blown off the house and I had to replace the control box to the well pump. My guess is the control box in the stove is bad? I appreciate any advice. THANKS!
Possible auger jam or stuck
Pull the auger motor off and test, also
try to turn the auger with the motor off.
The auger should turn with ease.