Question on upgrading Harman p38+

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Aug 31, 2023
Northern New York
Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. SO, I hope everyone is well.

I have a Harman p38+ pellet stove that I purchased back in 2011. It has been a great stove and we even used it as out primary heat source last winter. It did great even in the below zero weather. I did burn a little over 4 tones of pellets.

Over the years I have had to do a few things to it. A new blower motor, feed motor, and door gasket have been all I have replaced so far. I did just purchase a new auger and burn pot gasket since the last year the auger was squealing a bit.

While I was on the Websight I say that there was a circuit board upgrade for my stove. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me if the new one was anything different from the one, I have? My stove has the three control knobs. Also, would it be worth spending the $500 on it?

Welcome to the forum
Personly I would not upgrade unless the new board was going to give me
something I desperately want or need.
If the old board loses its magic smoke then upgrade
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