questions on a coal bear

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Jan 14, 2014
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We were just called out to a house with a coal bear and the owner cant get coal to burn right in it. I think i know the problem but i am not familiar with that stove so i thought i would check here before doing anything. It looks like it has been modified the upper cast grates with the slots in have plates behind them held in place with clips welded on. It doesn't look like it is original and from what i have seen here i think i am right but if someone can confirm for me that those grates are supposed to be open i would appreciate it
The side plates should have slots, called the lower liner.
2 required on sides part number 1600-151
1 front number 1600-152
1 rear number 1600-153
Those numbers are cast into the pieces. 1600 is the number designation for Coal Bear.

They sit on the support rails which are open on the sides to the ash pan area.
The grates are reversible meaning they can be used closed and flat for wood burning, or rotated to the open position for coal.

It should be bricked around the upper chamber.

questions on a coal bear Lower liner removed.

questions on a coal bear Upper shelf is for bricks.
The slots along edges of the bottom support allow air up from ash area through side liner slots.

If the liners are shot, it's easy to brick the bottom as well and use with wood until liners are made available. (I'm working on it)

questions on a coal bear Grates in Coal Mode

questions on a coal bear Grates in Wood Mode
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Thanks coaly the lower liner is what i was referring to someone made a plate to cover those slots so i will cut the plate out and hopefully it will work for him. Everything else looks right and everything looks like it is in perfect condition
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