Range of quality in pellets

DeweyMI Posted By DeweyMI, Dec 13, 2007 at 5:40 PM

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  1. DeweyMI

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    Dec 13, 2007
    Michigan, Central LP
    We have a Thelin 3000 wood pellet stove with backup battery (which I recommend) and we are in our fourth year of using it. It replaced a no-name wood pellet stove that came with the house when we purchased it in 2000 and it was of very poor quality. Once the Michigan winter hits I burn it from approximately 6 PM to 630 AM each weeknight and essentially all weekend long beginning Friday night with a few hours off on Saturday and Sunday morning. I am now experienced enough to know what happens when good vs. poor quality pellets are burned by the three following indicators: amount and color of soot on the glass, the amount of ash buildup and the heat output. So my question is, What is the purpose of the Pellet Fuel Industry? I had wrote them recently suggesting that each brand they give their seal to reveal their wood source and wether bark is included, ash content, fines content and BTU rating. I doubt my input would change the industry but it seems to me a standard of some sort would be appropriate. If you have ever burned poor quality pellets (even though every brand I ever purchased says "Premium Wood Pellets" on each bag) you'd know what I mean. Another option would be to list on this forum wood pellets that each of us have found burn well and which did not. Any thoughts?
  2. smirnov3

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    I am not 100% convinced that the differances are brand dependent.

    they may relate more to the batch: what wood went into this batch, how much moisture got into the train car, etc.

    but I agree, premium pellets doesn't tell you a whole lot - I am burning some of the canadian pellets that NE wood pellet is bagging in Palmer Ma, and they ssot up my glass very quick, and they put out less heat that the Lg granules I burnt last year
  3. GVA

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    Sep 4, 2006
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    From what I understand PFI only states a standard.
    The term "premium" only relates to the amount of ash produced
    The clinkers and other stuff is due to the chlorides and other stuff listed on the bag.
    If it says "PFI Member" on the bag I would hope they are held accountable by someone
    As far as rating them. What I like, you won't. What Anton doesn't like, I do.....ETC..... Every batch is different, every year is different every stove user is different..
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