Ravelli Francesca used what's a fair price?

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New Member
Dec 14, 2023
Johnston, Rhode Island
Hello I am a new pellet stove user and I am wondering if I can get some advice from some of the seasoned users on this website.

So I recently purchased a ravelli Francesca from a local dealer who was phasing out the manufacturer from their product line. They offered to sell it to me as a floor model and gave a discount. I paid $2000 for this stove which they claim was originally listed at $3200.

Since having it installed I have been educating myself about the pellet stove. After doing a recent thorough cleaning I noticed the burn pot had several cracks in it which, after doing my research, suggested there was more use on this product than just a floor model. The manual shows there is a counter to determine hours used. The counter reads 5150 which I am under the impression is hours used.

In my opinion this stove is not floor model based on the usage. The dealer claims that the model was on their floor for 6 years before selling it to me and the number is not unusual. When asked if they would give me a further discount they replied they had already given me more than enough discount and were losing money on the item.

My reply is that this stove will cost me more money in the long run replacing aging parts as opposed to just purchasing a new one. Am I right? Did I get a fair deal? What would be an appropriate price for this stove? Either way I think it's fair to say they were very disingenuous by selling me a product with significantly more usage than what they let on. I'd love to hear someone else's opinion.
I feel for you but the old adage Buyer Beware comes to mind
I bought a floor model in 2002 the dealer was changing lines
He offered me a 2800$ stove for 1600$ before I made the
deal I checked to see if it had been burned and the build date
And have never looked back
I am sorry to say you made the deal and now you are stuck with it
unless the dealer will concede and give you some money back
You did pay a big dollar for a 6-year-old ravelli Francesca