Real life reviews of PelPro 90

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Apr 24, 2015
@davo - thanks so much for writing this review. It was difficult during our research to decide on the PelPro TTC90 at first due to the lack of information online. I wanted to add for future researchers about my experience as well.

We ended up going with this model and just finished installation a few days ago. So far - we are loving it!

We live in a 1100sqft ranch built in 1962 on Long Island. Our latest oil delivery was $1,800 with oil being over $6 a gallon right now. That oil would go pretty fast even with the thermostat set low and the house feeling cold. We wanted to give ourselves other heating options and we hate spending money on those deliveries. Plus, we don't mind spending money on pellets as the fire creates such a great ambiance in addition to heat. The stove is in our main living area and it is easily able to warm our entire house. We having a fan set up in the back hallway facing the room with the stove to move the cold air out and the warm air into the back bedrooms. The entire house is easily 10 degrees warmer.

My husband is a bricklayer/stonemason so he created a really amazing setup for the stove. He built a "faux fireplace" by insetting the stove into a shallow alcove and facing it with thin brick. Only 10 inches of the back of the stove which makes up of the hopper - is inset into this alcove, leaving plenty of airflow for the stove. I refurbished a fireplace mantel from 1910 that came out of a brownstone in the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I would love to know the stories it could tell. We really think this stove looks beautiful especially in our set up and although it's only been a few days with the stove on we couldn't be happier with it.

If you are debating on the PelPro TSC90, I say go for it. It has great curb appeal and puts out nice heat. We have only put in two bags and are on day three. Just make sure to read the instructions.

That's great! We have had it over 2 months now and it is working flawlessly. I am in CT so it is similar temps I assume. We have run about 25-30 bags through it so far. I clean it often so it hasn't had any issues. The only problem I have found is sometimes it gets a fuel feed alarm if I set the temperature too low and I have to adjust the trim settings. It has worked great and has probably saved us hundreds if not thousands already based on the oil prices. I would think by midway/end of the season it would pay for itself based on oil consumption and prices.